Saturday, February 23, 2008

Members of the Mouse

Members of the Mouse
Go searching for the house
Late at night
Where the kicks are bright

Try the bench
Under the trench
Coat gets in the way
With hay

So, one member goes
On his cut off toes
That are even halves
Spectators laughs and
Cries and
Lies and
Dies and
Coat gets in the way and
Jumps in the hay and
Loves and

Member of the Mouse
Is entering the spouse
Not his
In her house
Late at night
Where his kicks are bright

Hide under the bench
Entering Trench who is
Using the bench
And tries to clench
His fist

But it is plastic
And it brakes and
Fakes and
Chirps and
Tumbles apart and
Sounds no more
Sounds no more as it was promised
One of a kind
From his mind

And it was mine!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


But sometimes
Over the top

Getting the right
Out of it
Mesmerizing the blue

It’s not the thrill
It’s not the chill

It hurts
When I move
From the grave
But sometimes

In the creases
Sharp angular small

But sometimes
Getting out of it


I am not gonna see you
I am not gonna ask you
For something you don’t want

Maybe I can do it
Some other time
Maybe I can do it
To satisfy my
What ever I want

I am not demanding
Your presence here
Holding my hand

We are lost from each other
Impossible to cange
Impossible to blame
A life has past

Friday, October 21, 2005


what is a light without an eye to see it?
what is music without the ears hearing?
where can we go, with no boots?
where shall we live, with no roots?
will curiosity be satisfied without new goals?

go, said the lame, but nobody listened,
where can we go?
keep the world?
as it has done in times?
children never suffer,
tribes never fight,
with swords we don't know where belong.

let's not forget the new ones coming,
where we believe no one lives,
no mother,
no brother,
sister big,
father never coming home.